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Vendor Management

We understand that your wedding is the most memorable event. To make sure that extra care & personal touch is there to make them feel special. Our vendor management services include:

  1. Ensuring timely presence and qualitative delivery as committed by all service providers

  2. Ensuring timely set-up of the venue (outside and inside)

  3. Placement of thematic signages with kilometer detailing

  4. Identifying drivers food area

  5. Organising and briefing trained hosts / hostesses about their areas of operation i.e. Welcoming, Escorting, Service hospitality, Venue Layout, Emergency requirements

  6. Ensuring proper grooming and crisp and clean thematic uniforms for the service and hospitality team

  7. Buffet layout and set-up as per the theme and equipment decided

  8. Coordinating and ensuring high standards of service of food and beverage

  9. Facilitating the artistes / choreographers with their approved requirements of Sound and light

  10. Providing technical inputs on sound acoustics and light design plan (if required) with the use of sound engineers and light jockeys

  11. Ensuring smooth and safe flow of the event through timely feedback from area managers

  12. For safety purpose the guest area movement can monitored through CCTV’s

  13. Placing Fire Brigade and Ambulance to address any emergencies

In addition to the above mentioned onsite coordination we also help in sourcing all your vendors.

  1. Special Fireworks at the time of Baraat, Jaimala, Reception or Doli.

  2. Mehendi artists from Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata.

  3. Arranging choodiwalas, tarot card reader, palmist etc for mehendi function

  4. Shenai walas, palkis

  5. Orchestrating special entry for bride & groom

  6. Make up artist from Delhi or Mumbai

  7. We create kid’s land to make your kid’s birthday special- by balloons, candy floss and many more.

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