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Your invites give your guests a sneak peek and so to say are the first look of your wedding style. Since a wedding is undoubtedly an expensive affair so, why not make a statement with the invite design as well. Innovatively designed personalized cards are a style statement in themselves. An invite speaks loudly of your taste and hence we help you design a card that reflects your personality.

Some popular styles are:

  1. Engraved/Embossed Invites

  2. Gold foiled

  3. Printed Silk fabric or textured butter paper

  4. Book/Box shaped Invites

  5. Traditional art/motif inspired invites

  6. Handwritten/Calligraphic Invites

  7. Pop-up Invites

  8. Wax seal for Envelopes

  9. Off-set Printed Invites

An elaborate set of Invite may include:

  1. Save-the-date Card

  2. Main Invite (for all functions)

  3. Inserts (with details for all the functions)

  4. Detailed Itinerary

  5. Venue Maps

  6. RSVP Card

Our panel of designers ensures that there is a card for every taste and budget.

  1. Ravish Kapoor

  2. Entertainment Design Co

  3. Palette Productions

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