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Bhajan Sandhya

As a prelude to the gaiety and festivities that ensue in a wedding celebration, we organize a special spiritual evening to invite the blessing of the Gods. We are sensitive to all religions, customs and cultural preferences. The sanctity of the event is observed by creating a perfect ambience with the use of virginal blossoms, incense sticks and reverence. While making the seating arrangements we keep in mind the elderly and the disabled who may not be able to sit on the floor. The Mata Ki Chowki decorations are largely floral and virginal in their appeal. As wedding event planners we organize a spate of Sandhya events, such as: • Mata ki chowki • sai sandhya, • bhajan sandhya, • shyam sandhya, • Babaji ka path and bhog etc.

Our events exude a spirituality and reverence that makes for their uniqueness. We understand the fact that marriage is a sacred institution and our wedding decorators reflect this aspect.

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